Powered Communications Inc. / 株式会社パワードコミュニケーションズ
- Over 300 Japan Entry & Expansion Support since 1999 -

Powered Communications Inc. and Pipeline Japan K.K. announced that they reached an agreement to provide one-stop sales-marketing services to foreign IT and high-tech companies on entering the Japanese market and expanding their business in Japan.

Global Business Partners / グローバル・ビジネス・パートナー

Who We Are and Our Stregth / 我々の強み

Powered Communications is a Tokyo based "DEMAND GENERATION" and "SDR & BDR" agency specialized in foreign IT/high-tech companies enter and expand their business in the Japanese market. Established in 1999, Powered Communications purely focus its offerings and values on "DEMAND GENERATION" and "SALES SUPPORT" - not individual services such as market research, PR, seminar support and other marketing activities. Powered Communications also focuses its service offertings to companies which their business size in Japan are about "0-500 staff / 0-100M USD".

パワードコミュニケーションズは、1999年の創業以来、外資系IT/ハイテク企業の日本参入と日本事業拡大に特化した「デマンドジェネレーション」と「SDR & BDR」サービスを提供しています。パワードコミュニケーションズは、市場調査やPR等の個別サービスによる切り口ではなく、純粋に「デマンドジェネレーション」と「セールスサポート」に重きを置いた営業支援型サービスを提供しています。特に外資系企業の日本参入時においては、カントリーマネージャーからはじまり、開発や営業、そしてサポート人材の採用を優先せざるをえず、マーケティング人材の採用が後手に回ることを汲み取ったサポートを提供しています。

Our 4 Strengths / 我々の4つの強み


1. Focus on foreign IT and high-tech / 外資系IT/ハイテク企業に特化
2. Focus on Japan entry and expansion phase / 日本参入と日本事業拡大に特化
3. Experienced staff from IBM, Intel and Nokia / IBMやインテル、そしてノキア等での経験豊富なスタッフ
4. 300+ client portfolio since 1999 / 1999年の設立以来、300社を超える支援実績

Services / サービス

Our focus is on “DEMAND GENERATION” and "SALES SUPPORT" for “FOREIGN IT & HIGH-TECH COMPANIES which their business size in Japan are about “0-500 staff / 0-100M USD”. Not only digital, but combination with classic methodologies such as co-marketing with partners and participating in an exhibition are still important in the Japanese market.  Powered Communications provides individual or integrated services to meet the goals of clients through following services.

Digital marketing

Traditional marketing

Tools development

Partner marketing


Client Portfolio / クライアントポートフォリオ

Current / 現在

OutSystems since 2016
Puppet since 2017
Reed Tradex since 2013
Software AG since 2016
Sumo Logic since 2018
TUV Rheinland since 2007
Vade Secure since 2017
West UC since 2017
... others

Past / 過去

Air BnB, Adobe
Borderware, Brocade
Extreme Networks
Fast Search & Transfer
JDA Software
LanDesk, Limelight Networks
MacAfee, MapR, Microsoft
Nirvanix, Nokia, Nutanix
OPSWAT, Oracle
Palo Alto Networks, PGP
RightNow, Ruckus
Savvis, Scality, Symantec
VeritasViolin Memory, Verdasys
... over 300 clients since 1999

Various Markets / 幅広い業種

Consumer services
... others


Testimonial / お客様の声

RENE BONVANIE, CMO, Palo Alto Networks
Former CMO and SVP, Business Objects/SAP
"Powered Communications provides diverse, highly integrated communications and business development services. I believe this diversified approach comes from their experience working in-house and their understanding of the process of making smart business decisions. From my experience, I believe Powered Communications is the best agency to choose for early to mid-stage foreign IT companies to enter, gaining presence, and expand their business in the Japanese market."

STEVE ZIVANIC, Vice President, Storage Hardware Systems Business Group, Oracle
Former CMO, Nirvanix
"I have been working with Powered Communications for the past five years to successfully develop U.S.-based IT businesses in Japan, ranging from data center networking infrastructures to storage for the media and entertainment sector to enterprise cloud storage services. Powered Communications is comprised of established, strategic business thinkers with exceptional connections throughout the IT industry in Japan that enable companies to rapidly expand their sales presence and increase both market share and mind share. The company delivers consistent results in a very systematic manner and I highly recommend the firm to any IT company looking to elevate their brand stature and increase sales in Japan."

HIROYUKI KIMURA, Executive Vice President, Citrix Systems, Japan
Former President, Symantec, Japan
"I have great expectations of their future activities by Powered Communications. Company President, Mr. Wakairo, has achieved many success stories in the wide ranging corporate communications business, with strategic planning and implementation of programs. He has thus made major contributions to establishing and strengthening the brand of all companies he has done business with. I am convinced that he will contribute to the expansion of business content for all his customers and partners."

MASAYUKI URUSHIYAMA, President, Dolby Laboratories, Japan
Former President, Adobe Systems, Japan
"I am convinced that Powered Communications will bring about new advances in the industry. Mr. Wakairo, in addition to his wide-ranging experience, contributes greatly to strengthening the customer’s market position, by always maintaining a consistent approach to what is best for the customer. I am sure that Powered Communications will bring further radical new values to our business."

HIDEKI KAWAMURA, Communication Consultant
Former Chairman & President, Hill and Knowlton Japan

"Specialization and internationalization are rapidly advancing trends in the field of communications. Effective communicators are required to possess a multi-faceted viewpoint to respond immediately to diverse stakeholders, possess decision-making capabilities that achieve a balance between different decision-making criteria, and possess a strategic eye to select effective and optimum communication methods. I am sure that Powered Communications has taken the first step towards further expansion of the communications domain, and I am sure that they will be very successful."

Advisory Board / アドバイザー

 TATSUHIKO IDE, Advisor (Corporate Management)

Tatsuhiko brings more than 30 years of sales and corporate management experience to Powered Communications. At IBM, he held position of Director of Xseries Server & Workstation of Asia Pacific Group, and lead the company to gain its value across APAC-J. He has also served as the President of Intellisync K.K. and LanDesk Software K.K.
MASAHIRO ASAI, Advisor (Sales Development)
Masahiro started his career as network specialist at Intec Inc., which is one of the top ten system integrator in Japan. After Intec, he joined Intel Japan and developed many projects including discovery agreement for M&A as well as accomplishing award winning sales targets. After Intel, he has played important rolls on launching many foreign IT companies, such as the VP of Sales at LANDesk Software K.K, Country Manager at PGP Corp. and Country Manager at Celio Corp.

Founder & CEO / 創業者兼CEO

KYOSUKE WAKAIRO, Managing Director and Director of Marketing

Kyosuke started his career as event & marketing planner and established Powered Communications Inc. in 1999, which focused on supporting foreign IT companies’ marketing and sales activities in Japan. Since then, he has assisted more than 300 companies including 70 companies on entering the Japanese market. In parallel to Powered Communications, he also has worked as marketing director for numerous companies including Intellisync K.K. and Nokia Japa n K.K.

Corporate Profile / 会社概要

Company Name / 会社名
Powered Communications Inc. / 株式会社パワードコミュニケーションズ
Representative / 代表
Kyosuke Wakairo, Founder & CEO / 代表取締役 若色 亨昌
Establishment / 設立
November 2003 (In business since May 1999) / 2003年11月(1999年5月創業)
Capital / 資本金
10,000,000 JPY / 1千万円
Location / 所在地
The Garage Yoshimura, 5-13-1 Hakusan, Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-0001, JAPAN
112-0001 東京都文京区白山5-13-1 ザ・ガレージ吉村
Contacts / 連絡先
Tel: +81-3-6902-2106   Email: info(at)powered-communications.co.jp
Membership and Partnership / 会員とパートナーシップ
Member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce / 東京商工会議所会員
Exclusive sales partnership with Pipeline K.K. / パイプライン株式会社と独占営業契約
Japan partner of ECCO International Communication Network
Japan Partner of PRecious Communicaions